White Spots on Tonsils Leading to Strep Throat


Sometimes people see white spots on tonsils and they get curious and rush to the doctors. They are concerned to find what the exact reason behind white spots is. There could be many possible reasons due to which white spots appear on the tonsils. Having sour throat can lead to two possible causes one is due to cold and the other is due to tonsillitis. Having cold is not a big deal as it can be cures in two to three days that in just due to a mild infection. On the other hand tonsillitis is not easy to treat through self-medication a person needs to visit a doctor and follow his advice for curing tonsillitis. Many possible causes are there that causes tonsillitis but this is not a new disease so several solutions are available for curing tonsillitis.

White spots on tonsils

Infection of bacteria

There is need to understand the types of throat infections that people suffers from. Streptococcus is a type of bacteria that causes strep throat. This is a virus that a person may catch from people having strep throat such as by talking to such people will transfer the virus in other person and he will also develop strep throat. People having strep throat are advised to use some breathing masks so they do not transfer virus to other people. The virus can also be transferred through nasal secretions. Children having ages between 5 to 15 years can easily develop the symptom of strep throats. For diagnosing strep throats strep tests are used that confirms that if the patient is suffering from strep throat or there is some other reason.

Severe symptoms

Strep throat develops many other complications such as rheumatic fever. The fever is strong and there is need to get proper treatment so it can be cured. This fever is very harmful because it can cause damage to the heart valves. So it is important to take care and get proper treatment for rheumatic fever.

Symptoms of strep throat

Some of the symptoms of strep throat that can be commonly identified are;

  • Sudden development of sour throat.
  • Considerable loss of appetite
  • Feeling pain in swallowing.
  • White spots on tonsils that can also be red.
  • Feeling of fever.


The first step in order to treat strep throat is to identify when the person develops strep throat. Person keep checking his tonsils if he sees white spots he must visit a doctor. The doctor will examine the patient and the tonsils then he asks him to go for strep test. People are afraid of strep test they may show reluctance but the test is not painful it is a simple test. A cotton is used for testing and it does not involve any needle test. So patients can go for test with convenience. The tests will confirm if the patient is having strep throat or not. If he is not having strep throat what are the other causes of white spots on tonsils.

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