What Is Uberx? A Comprehensive Guide

What is uberx? Uberx is one of the leading services that is being used through a transport app, Uber, facilitating passengers in more than 521 cities in 61 countries.Uber first emerged in San Francisco. Uber is owned by Uber Technologies Inc and is currently valued at $70 billion It is a location-based app, meaning it detects your location through your phone and send you an Uber driver that is within your area, or closest to you. It helps you to hire a private driver. It is super easy. All you need is to have a smartphone, an account on Uber, Uber app and be 18 or older.

Uber provides different kinds of services to meet the need of its variety of clientele. UberX is one of these products. It is the most basic and private care service. If you are looking for lowest cost option you are good to go. UberX vehicles hold up to 4 passengers at a time.

What is Uberx?

How Exactly does UberX Facilitate a Rider?

When a rider hails a cab through the Uber app, It matches him/her with the closest UberX driver within his/her area. It is very easy to travel. And not to mention it is very cheap at $10. But the fares vary for a different city. For Example, the fares highly differ in New York and Los Angles. Uber Technologies Inc. is making sure to spread their business in the rest of the world to ensure safe and cheap transport.

How does UberX Facilitate a Driver?

To become an UberX driver you must fulfill some requirements. These are:

  • You must hold a driver’s license.
  • You must be 21 years or older.
  • You must be an owner of 4 door vehicle like Toyota Prius, Ford Fusion, etc.
  • Your vehicle must be in extremely good condition.
  • Your Vehicle must of any model since 2001.
  • No commercial branding.

Drivers of UberX are independent contracts, meaning they work for their own self. Even though Uber doesn’t provide its driver basic health insurance, never reimburse them for their expenses, like gasoline, insurance cost, etc. Drivers earn much more than other drivers. They can earn up to $10 to $20 per hour. And fares are higher for different cities. They also get to decide how many hours do they want to work. Their working hours are flexible. They are their own boss.

Is it Safe to Travel in UberX?

There have been some serious issues in some cities regarding the behavior of Uber drivers, some sexual harassment and misbehaving from driver’s side. Making it difficult for passengers that travel alone. Since these matters have come to public notice, female passengers who travel alone have started to avoid traveling in UberX at night times in some cities. Keeping this in mind Uber is trying to make an effort to ensure the safety of its passenger all around the world. And is in process of conducting training of its driver’s. So it becomes a safe means of transport. Other than that, Uber is pretty safe. Not to mention economical to travel. And convenient to hail it just by clicking it from the comfort of your homes. Hope you have a good experience while travelling through UBERX.

Above, you can find information regarding what is Uberx. So, give it a try to evaluate the quality of service.

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