What Is Chemical Pregnancy?

Have you ever come across the term CHEMICAL PREGNANCY? Or heard a doctor used it? Until recently I didn’t know this myself. Not until a friend of mine come to me, distressed about her chemical pregnancy. She and her husband had been trying to get pregnant. So this is how I came across the term. Let me tell you in very easy words, what is chemical pregnancy.

What is chemical pregnancy?

A Chemical Pregnancy is when a sperm has fertilized an egg, but the egg doesn’t survive the fifth week. That is it. There is nothing that can be detected on ultrasound, an ultrasound detects a fetus at the eighth week. You would have always wondered why a doctor calls you to come back at your eighth week, this is the reason. The fact that this phenomenon is called a chemical pregnancy is because that’s just it is, you missed your period and the pregnancy test showed a positive sign. Some of the questions that will come to your mind are:

What are the Symptoms?

Most of the time women don’t even know that they had a chemical pregnancy. They get no symptoms. And sometimes when they do, they register it with their usual period or disturbed period. Some of these symptoms are:

  • Your period is late.
  • You have a light period.
  • A positive pregnancy test.
  • Your hormone levels are disturbed.
  • Abdominal cramps.

What are the Causes for Chemical Pregnancy?

You don’t have to get in a panic. A Chemical pregnancy is normal. 50% to 75% of women faces it in their initial pregnancy. What is not normal is that you keep on getting chemical pregnancy. In that case, you should book an appointment with your doctor. But some very common causes of this are:

  • The Inadequate lining of the uterus.
  • Clotting problem
  • Any kind of uterine abnormality.
  • Abnormality in a chromosome of fertilized egg.

After a Chemical Pregnancy, When Can You Conceive?

This is a question that will come up in your mind if you are trying to conceive. There is no reason to wait if anything this shows that you are capable of conceiving. There are no problems with you getting pregnant as soon as you have faced a chemical pregnancy.

What is the Difference Between Chemical Pregnancy and Miscarriage?

It is very simple to differentiate them. A chemical pregnancy happens before the fifth week, and a miscarriage may occur when a fetus is detectable.

Can this be Prevented?

No. You cannot prevent this from happening. But it is advisable to visit a doctor if you keep on experiencing this.

Now, you have a clear overview of what is chemical pregnancy. In my opinion, you should not get excited as soon as your period is late. It’s just getting your hope high. And then there is that soul-crushing grief. There is some pregnancy test that can detect six days before you are late, that whether you are pregnant or not. But then there comes the other factor that results in a chemical pregnancy.

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