What Does MCM Stand For? Know About Hashtag MCM

If you are a regular user of social networks, you might have come across the “#MCM.” The work MCM is used along with the hashtag (#) on a number of social networks. These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. There are countless people that are not aware of what does it means. They look up for what does MCM stands for as they need to find its meaning and explore. If you do not know the meaning of it, you will not be able to understand what exactly the person is trying to state. In this article, I will tell you about the meaning of MCM and why people use it in their posts.

what does MCM stands for

What is MCM?

MCM is the abbreviation of “Man Crush Monday.” It can be best described as the internet slang which people use in their posts. They use it for posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. It is used along with the textual posts, photos, and videos. There is no specified use for this slang. If you log in to your twitter or facebook profile and you search for “#MCM,” what you will often find will be pictures of male stars, celebrities and icons that are posted (usually by females). So, why do they use this hashtag when they are posting the pictures of these people? Well, you can find its answer below.

The Use of MCM

When it comes to the use of MCM, it is used for a number of purposes. It is not necessary that the #MCM only stands for Man Crush Monday. There may be other meanings of it as well. However, the most common one is the one that I have stated in this article. So, when someone writes #MCM, and he or she means Man Crush Monday from it, it means that they are referring towards their crush.

Suppose that you are someone who is having a crush on Zayn Malik, and you want to tell the people in your circle that how much you like him, you can upload one of his countless photos and use #MCM with it. You may like to write that “Zayn Malik, my #MCM my #love” or you may like to state that “my #MCM is obviously none other than Zayn Malik.” Or you may be a big fan of Eminem and want to express your love for him. So you post his picture and write the picture description as “ Can’t find a better #MCM than Eminem” or you may write “ If you ask about my #MCM, I will waste no time in naming #Eminem.”


In short, one can say that MCM is a slang word used mostly by females on various social platforms to tell people in their circle about their crush. If someone asks you what does MCM stands for, you can say that it refers to “Man Crush Monday.” Furthermore, if someone posts a picture of a person and use #MCM on it, you can intercept from it that he or she has a crush on that person. However, note one thing that it is not necessary that someone posting with #MCM means “Man Crush Monday.” He or she may be referring to something else.

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