Sentinel For Dogs: What Is It? Its Work And Benefits

Dogs and cats are two animals that people widely use as pets. If you also like pets and have a few in your home, you will be aware of the fact that they require a lot of care. There are a number of diseases that are associated with these animals. Particularly, when you talk about dogs, the first thing that comes in your mind is flea. Sentinel for dogs is a medicine that plays an important role in treating flea. It keeps your dog away from a lot of other problems as well.

Sentinel for Dogs

What is Sentinel for Dogs?

Sentinel is the name of Flavor tabs. It is a medicine that is given to dogs for a number of purposes. Mainly, it is given to control and kill the worms that are present in the dogs. There are multiple types of worms that may be present in your dogs. These worms include the small and immature heartworms. There are also mature hookworms and roundworms. Moreover, whipworms might be another type of worms present in your dog. Sentinel helps in killing these worms and controlling their activities that may affect your dog highly. Furthermore, Sentinel Flavor Tabs also break down the cycle of flea in a dog.

Benefits of Using Sentinel for Dogs

There are a lot of benefits of using sentinel flavor tabs for your dogs. First of all, it protects your dogs from worms and diseases associated with them. Most commonly, the heartworm disease is known to disturb dogs the most. Then, the intestine is usually under action of hookworms that lead to restlessness and disturbance for your dog. These are controlled by using sentinel tabs. Moreover, these tablets are easy to administer. They also keep the dogs away from flea. Furthermore, you can put these tabs along with the food of your dogs. They taste like beef so your dogs will easily consume it. The thing here to note is that these medicine are meant to treat problems such as flea and worms.

How These Tablets Work?

The sentinel flavor tabs for dogs are known for treating infections related to worms. They come with milbemycin oxime that interrupts the nervous system of immature worms. Therefore, it eliminates the heartworms. It also works in a similar way with the hookworms, roundworms and whipworms. Moreover, when you talk about flea, you will think that there is surely something else than milbemycin oxime. Well, for flea resistance, this medicine contains lufenuron. It is a chemical that inhibits the insect growth. Ultimately, it works against the flea cycle and you get it working for this issue as well.

Sentinel for dogs is a proper medicine. It should be given carefully to dogs. It is not recommended for dogs that are less than 4 weeks in age and weight lower than 2 pounds. The dose that you are about to give your dog varies from dogs to dogs according to their age, weight and type. Therefore, you may like to consult vet before making use of this medicine for your dogs.

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