All About the Pitbull Lab Mix!

About the Mix Breed:

A mix breed which is a cross between a pit bull and a lab is referred to a number of different names; the most common being Pitador or Labrabull. This Pitbull lab mix, as the name suggest, is a mixture between a Labrador and a pit bull.

About Labradors:

Generally, almost everyone thinks of the Labrador to be one of the friendliest dog if it is not the friendliest one. A Labrador is gentle by nature however; it also has a brain of its own. Also, because a Labrador is a large to a medium dog, it can easily get into trouble if it has not yet learned what is right and what is wrong.

About Pitbull:

On the other hand, a pit bull is not considered to be friendly at all. In fact, a pit bull is known for their terror and it is deserving. In fact, a number of people would prefer not to have a Pitbull anywhere even near their neighborhood. There is no doubt about the fact that a pit bull is a fighter however most of the times, this is because of the human than because of the breed of the dog. On the other hand, a pit bull is known to be a good dog for the family and can also be trusted around younger kids. A pit bull tends to be more dominant if compared to the Labrador, but, it is also a breed that will respond to any kind of training quite well.

Pitbull lab mix

What to Expect from the Mix Breed?

It is difficult to determine what is to be expected from the mix breed. It is hard to figure out and the answer is the same as it is when any two breeds of an animal are combined. Of course, you can figure out some things from the temperaments and the physical appearances of the parents that make up the mix breed, but you can never be hundred percent sure. In order to make an educated guess about how the mixed breed will turn out to be, you will have to do a good amount of research on the temperaments of the two breeds. For a much better idea, you might even want to look at the blood lines of the parents in order to see if any idiosyncrasies stand out.

The Size of the Pitbull Lab Mix:

As said before, the size of the mix breed is actually quite hard to predict however, the size or the height of the parents can help in giving an idea. However, the problem is that the size of both the breeds vary from one dog to another. This is because there are smaller pit bulls and larger ones and similarly, there are smaller Labradors and smaller Labradors. Hence, a hybrid of these two could be anywhere between 30 pounds to 100 pounds. So, if you want your new puppy to cross the 60-pound mark as an adult, it will be actually quite possible.

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