Pay Metro Pcs Bill Online And Manage Your Account

The metroPCS was established as a General wireless Incorporation in the United States. The main service is prepaid wireless given by the metroPCS. The company offers the public services and trading on the New York Exchange. Now you will be able to manage your online account and activate your device in less than 10 minutes. The online payments are safe and made through the secure options. You can also track your order online. The article will guide you how to pay a metro pcs bill online.

Pay metro pcs bill

How to Pay Metro PCS Bill Online?

MetroPCS offers a variety of services and facilitates its customers to make online payment through various options.

With the Express Pay service, the customers can pay the bill online without even signing into the account. You will be able to save all your debit and credit information. All the information will be saved in your e-wallet at the end of every transaction you will make. If you do not want to store your information in the account, then change your settings the next time you will enter the information.

  • You can also pay you bill online by using a debit or credit card. However if you are registered with the MetroPCS card, then you can also pay your bill with it.
  • Customers feel convenient to pay bills with the AutoPay because automatic debit is made each month from your debit or credit card.
  • AutoPay is the online payment method which is available on the metroPCS website. There is an e-wallet introduced on every account.

How to pay metro pcs bill online

Pay Metro PCS Bill by Phone

The metroPCS have also introduced convenience for their clients. They can pay their bills with the phone as well.

Just dial 888 -8metro8 on your phone for the customer service. You can dial *99 from the phone dial to pay through the automated system. Just download the metroPCS on your phone. The app is available for all Android phones while VCPay app is for blackberry phone.

Pay by Store

You just have to find the metroPCS store. Pay metro pcs bill with the authorized payment machine. Your information will be stored in the Dropbox. This is the most secure and authorized payment center.

Pay by Mail

For the customer’s convenience, you can also pay through the mail. Write a mail to the MetroPCS wireless incorporation address and don’t forget to mention your service account number on the check you will mail. The address of the mail is mentioned on the website.


The payment option offered by the metroPCS is the most secure system offered by the clients. We guarantee to provide the excellent service for our customers. If you are using the services of metroPCS, then you will be given several discount offers. The wireless services consist of many parts and keep on changing from time to time. For the convenient of our customers, we have offered various billing options, and they can pay the metro pcs bill through phone, mail, and store.

So get the wireless services from the best MetroPCS.

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