How To Get Rid Of Dust Mites?

Dust mites are known for causing allergies. They are millions of them living in your house. Whether is it in your bed, under your carpet, furnisher, clothes or anywhere else, they are present in every house. If someone asks about how to get rid of dust mites, it is not easy at all. The debris of dust mites is a cause of plenty of health issues. They can create allergies, breathing problems, coughing, nasal congestion, itching, watery eyes etc. Moreover, they are also known to disturb the sleep of a person. It is worrying matter because the dust mites can produce around 200 times more waste compared to its own body. Getting rid of dust mites completely from your house is next to impossible. However, reducing them in size is possible and here we will tell you they ways of how to do so.

How to Get Rid of Dust Mites?

Wash the Bedding Regularly

Dust mites like moderate and dark places and when you talk about the bed, it is just perfect for them to live. Moreover, the human skin also shed the dead cells which, at night, becomes a great dinner for the dust mites. Therefore, it is advised that you must wash your bed sheets regularly. Washing them through 60-degree Celsius temperature will remove the dust mites’ waste and reduce them in number. It is because these creatures do not like too high temperature. After wash, make use of your dryer (if you have) in order to dry the cloth. Doing this on weekly basis will help you in keeping dust mites to minimum in number.

Use Anti-allergy Mattress and Mattress Covers

The anti-allergy mattresses and mattress covers help in minimizing the population of mites. An average mattress contains around 10,000 to over millions. It is not possible to eliminate all of them. So, try to use the anti-allergy mattress covers and mattress. These act as a barrier between your shedding skin and the dust mites. Therefore, the critters do not get the food. On the other hand, the protector also stops the waste of these critters from reaching your sleeping zone and disturb you.

Making Bed in Morning is not Good

Do not love to make the bed as soon as you get off it? Great, it is good if you wish to get rid of the dust mites. It is because when you get up, the moisture of your body is left on the bed. When you leave it that way, there is good airing given to it. This let the moisture leave the bed and as a result, the dust mites do not get water they require. Therefore, their waste and reproduction rate is lowered and that will help in lowering their number.

So, there are three things that you can do in order to decrease the number of dust mites that are living around you. When you ask about how to get rid of dust mites, there is no solution to it. However, you can lower the number of critters living by keeping an eye at the instructions given above.

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