How to Avoid Weight Gain in Winter

Do not wait until winter is over to clean your diet. Try these tips to avoid weight gain in the winter by staying active and eating well even in the coldest months.

While our northern friends are preparing for shorter days and cooler weather, those of us in the southern hemisphere are looking forward to summer. Well, most of us anyway. For some (ie me), the prospect of exposing my winter padding to the world is a little daunting.

Having spent the last five months on the Oreos dining couch, it is now clear that thinking to eat well and exercise does not matter. It turns out that you really need to do these things if you want to avoid weight gain in the winter. Who knew?

What I should have done, was to head towards the winter with my game ready to face all that the cold had to throw me. Instead, I saw it as an excuse to eat like a bear preparing to hibernate.

I suffer the consequences of my actions with a general feeling of heaviness (and clothes that seem shrunken in the wash), but with a few small adjustments to your habits and your state of mind, you can avoid a also uncomfortable spell.

Reframing How You See Cold Weather

For Jill Homer – extreme adventurer and author of Into the North Wind – the winter represents a playground of opportunity. For the rest of us, it is a sign of storing family size M & Ms bags and tying the hatches.

Cycling through Alaska miles away to have fun is a bit crazy, but again, exile for months is not so clever either . On the one hand, it will not help you in your mission to survive the winter without gaining weight. (Look what happened to me.)

What you need to do is find a way to see the season in a more favorable light. Look for the good things that winter has to offer. It could be an invigorating walk with friends or go ice skating with the kids. Maybe it’s a solo hike to blow the cobwebs after a long day at the office.

When you are happy, you will be less inclined to look for comforting food to make you feel better. Having a lot of things that you really like to do during the winter months is a great way to keep those high levels of happiness (and you out of the cupboard).

Nothing is as good as slight feelings

That’s right. Nothing tastes as good as thin. No matter how delicious these Oreos were at the time (and they were delicious), it was not enough to make up for the fog of the chubby lethargy that I am experiencing.

Rather than using the winter as an excuse to consume everything, see it as a challenge to host the summer in a form even better than the one you have right now. (If you succeed, please send me some pictures so that I can be inspired when my ride rolls again.)

Tips for Healthy Eating to Avoid Weight Gain in Winter

Cleaning your diet in the spring is not just a case of throwing away all your old favorites and replacing them with a bunch of disappointing staples. In fact, opt for the road of all or nothing will soon return to your old habits. Rather, focus on thwarting the season by making some small adjustments to your eating habits.

1. Ditch processed foods

Processed foods are high in sugar and filled with dubious ingredients that you should not eat anyway. Instead, make a hob from scratch. When you make your own food, you control what comes in. Plus, there is something really rewarding in preparing a family meal. If you are single, gather with friends.

2. Delay the gratification

When you feel unhappy, it’s easy to apologize about your eating habits. But constantly “rewarding” yourself with delicious treats removes overall pleasure. Whereas, when you delay the gratification and allow yourself only the occasional treat, it becomes something to be hoped for.

3. Eat More Complete Herbal Foods

By eating an herbal diet with lots of whole foods, you are loading your body with the nutrients it really needs. This eliminates cravings and avoids the hunger pangs that invariably arrive one hour after taking a cheeseburger while driving.

Here are some of the ways you can clean up your eating habits, there are many other things you can do, like reducing salt and sugar, avoiding drinks that dehydrate you and adding probiotics to your diet.

However, it is important to remember that surviving the winter begins in the mind, not in the refrigerator. Waiting until it is warm will only complicate things. Start making small changes now, and you will reap the benefits of spring.

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