Causes and Treatment of Dry Skin on Penis

There are many parts of the body that are very important. Having these parts damaged can lead to very tough conditions. While most of the parts are very important, there are parts that are just a little bit more important than the others. The penis on a male’s body can bring many comforts but as they say, too much of anything can cause problems. It can be very dysfunctional when you have some sorts of problems with your penis. The most common problem that men face is having dry skin on penis.

Dry Skin on Penis.

Dry Skin

If you have a condition in which you feel that your penis feels very dry or is very dry to touch, it might be because of excess sexual activity. It can also happen because of excessive masturbation. This happens often because of lack of proper lubrication. The skin gets damaged because of the dry friction. In this case the skin of your male part would require time to heal itself. This might last for up to 7 days after you have ceased sexual activities. After all, you’re not Wolverine or Deadpool right?

The symptoms of this condition include dry feeling on your penis, the skin may peel and painful irritation.

To treat such condition, you have to take care of the moisture of your penis. You need to stop any kind of sexual activity for at least 24 hours. To heal the skin quickly, use a nutritional crème. It would avoid further dryness of the skin of penis. You should also have a product that keeps your penis skin moisturized. It should have shea butter and vitamin E. They keep the penis skin healthy and provide nourishment for better healing.

Allergy to The Skin

Your penis skin can get allergic and get dry. The causative agents of allergy on penis skin can be latex, soap, detergents and spermicides. These can bring discomfort to the penis and make the skin very dry.

The symptoms of this condition can be dryness of the penis skin, redness and possibly a rash.

To avoid this condition, wash your penis and try to eliminate any kind of product that you are using that you think have been the cause of the allergic reaction. You should get rid of that product and try any other brand. Because not all products suit all skin types.


This disease is known as the inverse psoriasis when it occurs is the genitals. This disease has its impact on the genital area, the pubis, upper thighs and it can go up to the anus skin. This condition can cause a lot of trouble and uncomfortableness.

In this condition you will not experience a scaly skin. You will instead have dry skin on penis and it will be red in color.

In this condition it is best if you consult your doctor. This should not be left untreated. The condition can spread and go to other parts of the body. So, be careful and feel no hesitation while consulting your doctor.

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