Are You Ready To Donate Your Testicle?

There are many medical organizations and companies which propose cash amount if you donate your any organ. Even if you give your reproductive cells, you will be paid for $5000 or more. However, according to the recent news now you can also donate your testicle and will be paid for it. If you think that you are healthy enough to live with one testicle, then you can help other men who are unable to complete their family because of improper fertility. After donating your testicle, the doctors will implant an artificial testicle. So are you ready to donate your testicle and get paid for it as well?

Donate Your Testicle

Consider Before Donate Your Testicle

Following are the things you have to consider before donation:

  • Do ask your medical physician about your condition that you are healthy enough
  • You must have to pass every test which will be recommended by the health care professional;
  • Any of the risks must not be involved in the donation process
  • You must be expressively as well as physically ready
  • You must know and understand the possibility of living with donation
  • You must be well aware of future considerations, and risks involved with donation


There are many medical societies where you can donate your testicle. Your donation will be appreciated and also helps the young men to live life in a better way. The problem of the cancerous testicle is increasing with the passage of time and men are unable to complete their family so your donation to any of the society will be highly needed.


The process of removal of a testicle is very simple and straightforward. Many of men have to face discomfort for few days while the pain has been experienced after the operation. Men have to face some minor complications, and they cannot perform some healthy activities just like playing games, doing exercises, etc.

The scar after the surgery has left tender for many days a=so it may open up because of heavy exercises. Many men have also experienced infections which were cleared with antibiotics. However, you must be fully aware of all the minor risks associated with the removal of a testicle or implanting one.


Following are the effects which will influence a man life after donating a testicle

  • He will lose the ability to be a father of any more children
  • The sexual performance will become less

The remaining testicle will be enough for a man to produce sex hormones and will be able to produce sperms but the chances of active sperms will be reduced. Other side effects involve that you will feel less active and become tired more or even started to get sick. You will not feel to have sex, or you may have mood swings. You will feel more stressed, anger or anxiety, if you will donate your testicle. The side effects will be temporary.

You may feel difficulty while talking with your doctor about these problems but it is recommended to have the best doctor advice. Do not feel embarrassed or afraid while talking to expert regard to donating a testicle.

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