Can You Use PayPal On Amazon? Beware!

PayPal is a platform that thousands of people use in order to make online payments. Mainly, the purpose of using PayPal is that people are not looking to give away their valuable information in concern with their accounts and credit cards. Therefore, they add funds to PayPal and use it as a platform to pay for online bills. In this case, the identity theft is reduced as well as the chance of being robbed by hackers. However, the question here is that can you use PayPal on Amazon? We all know that Amazon is probably the biggest online shopping site and with thousands of affiliates all across the globe, the sales from are remarkable. But can you pay for your Amazon bills via PayPal account?

can you use PayPal on Amazon

No, you cannot pay directly!

Several people might have tried to pay their bill by using their account directly. For their information, Amazon does not accept payments that are done directly from PayPal accounts. Therefore, there is no use of paying the bills with the help of your PP account. When you will do so, your payments will be rejected, and you will still have to pay the bill. So, it is advised that do not try to pay the bill directly using PP account.

But there is a way!

Okay, there is a way by using which you can use your PayPal funds in order to pay for the Amazon check out. Want to know what is that? Find it out below.

Paypal issues a debit card for their valuable customers. If you have been on PayPal for some time and have done few transactions, you may like to apply for the debit card. It is, somewhat, similar to the master card and can help you in paying your bills all across the globe wherever master card is accepted. Thus, when you proceed to checkout, you can pay your bill by using this debit card. All you need to do is to select the payment method as a debit card or credit card and there, put the information about your card account and its security key. Once you are through this step, you can pay the bill by using your PayPal card and the funds will be deducted from your PayPal account.

Amazon Thinking to Add PayPal to its Partners

So here is news that Amazon is thinking of affiliation with PayPal. It means that PayPal will be added to the partners, and you can use the account of PayPal directly to pay for anything that you buy from Sounds great, isn’t it? But still there is no news from the officials that whether we will see PayPal soon along with or the relation will stay as it is right now.

Final Verdict

So can you use PayPal on Amazon? In case you opt to pay directly, the answer is not. But if you use the debit card attached and funded from your PayPal account, yes you can pay.

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