The 10 Ways to Stay Healthy in the Office

How is a person supposed to be fit when they spend 75% of their day sitting down? It can be difficult to find a balance between a healthy life and professional life, but we promise that it is possible! Read our top 10 tips for staying healthy in the office, and you’ll feel less stressed and healthier.

  • Move at least once an hour: Sitting 40 hours a week is far from healthy. You can not avoid sitting for long periods of time, so be sure to get up at least once an hour to get your blood flowing.
  • Clean up your workspace : Think of all the germs that are currently on your mouse and keyboard; everything you touched during the day is sitting on your computer right now. Gross! Be sure to wipe your desk daily with a disinfectant wipe to disinfect your work area and reduce the risk of getting sick. Also, be sure to have an organized office; Having papers and documents scattered everywhere will make your mind messy, so keep the organizers with dividers and trays at your head and work in place.
  • Drink a lot of water: When you sit all day, your muscles are too. When your muscles are not constantly active, you lose them and you start a slow cycle of becoming unfit. Make sure you drink a lot of water at work to help energize your muscles and keep them on their toes. Dehydration caused by not drinking enough water will also hurt your head and create a blurred feeling that will prevent you from working on your part A. Drink at least 8 -10 glasses a day to stay healthy and feel good.
  • Cutting Fried Foods: There is nothing worse than eating a few pieces of fried chicken, then going to sit in an embarrassment blistered for 4 hours or more. Fried foods are loaded with fat, calories and salt. They can even lead to serious health problems such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease . Avoid these problems by eating light and filling foods at breakfast, such as chicken salad or tuna wrap.
  • Make sure to be active outside of work: Think of all the physical activity you miss when you sit at a desk all day. To make up for the light activity you do during the day, do an hour of exercise at the gym when you leave your place of work. Not only will you be fit and healthy, but your mood will improve tremendously at work with your pumping endorphins.
  • Boost Your Immune System: Remember those snotty kids when you were in school, and your parents always tell you to wash your hands after touching almost everything? The germs are everywhere and will attack your immune system and exhaust you with the flu the day before your presentation, so keep your immune system smooth by keeping it healthy! Drink lots of vitamin C if you start to feel bad, and eat lots of fruits and vegetables with antioxidants.
  • Be Social: It’s not because you’re in a booth all day that you have to be a loner! Socialization is a crucial part of your health, so talk! Starting a small conversation at work can sometimes be embarrassing, so try to tackle topics that everyone knows you are aware of (“So, you watch the World Series when you come home, I do not know what to do.” can not believe that the Astros are so far! “). Talking with people at work can help fight depression and make you want to go to work.
  • Investing in a “Permanent Office”: Studies have shown that sitting most of the day increases the risk of diabetes while Why not do it? standing while you do your job? Do not spend 8 hours a day standing all day because you will get tired and your productivity will go down. Start by getting up every 20 minutes, and gradually increase up to half or all of your shift!
  • Sit back: Your grandmother was not joking when she said you had to sit up. Squatting at your desk and always bending your back can ruin your posture permanently. Not only that, but research has shown that subsidence can influence the thoughts and feelings of a person whether positive or negative. While sitting at work, concentrate on your back.
  • Avoid eye fatigue: We are so used to watching screens all day long, we do not even think about the negative consequences that it may have on our eyes. Studies have shown that eye ​​strain occurs in 50-90% of the workers of the computer . To avoid becoming another statistic, practice keeping your eyes fresh and healthy by getting a thorough examination of the routine sight, where your doctor can stifle a problem in the bud as soon as this happens. Also be sure to have good lighting at your desk: if your environment is too dark and your screen is too high, it can cause serious eye problems.
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